BNSUD Uniform: SHIRTS: Style: The approved shirt style is the same as the major league style. The shirt must have the BNSUD logo (crested or embroidered) on the shirt. Colours: The approved and mandatory colour is black.  games below triple aaa ,Navy is still option for this 2017  year . All officials working provincials for BNSUD for shall carry the black  shirt. T-SHIRTS: All umpires must wear an undershirt (t-shirt) and the entire crew must wear the same colour.  Black CAPS: Caps can either the embroidered logo (preferred) or a sewn on BNSUD crest. Black caps are to be worn with the black shirts. JACKET: Black  major league style jackets with the logo on the left chest may be worn with matching  black caps.  On a cool day, it is common for the base umpires to wear jackets and the plate umpire to wear a shirt. If this occurs, the plate umpire must wear Black. BALL BAGS: can be either black or black SHOES, BELT and Socks: must be black, however, many manufacturers are now producing shoes with some white on them is allowed. Mask: (black)  Inside protectorShin guardsCup.  
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Baseball umpiring, the only profession where you have to be perfect the first day and get better from there.
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I have a BNSUD shirt, size medium, a hat and belt with brush. Sarah Jalen Downey
Luke Bennett has the following for sale   Large Jacket (new) - Umpire NS logo - $60   Thank you,  Geoff Bennett  902-266-6191  8 Cherry Drive, Dartmouth, NS posted june 09 2107