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BNSUD Rates 2017 The new umpire rates negotiated with BNS for the 2016 season .These rates are paid for all provincial league play and for all regional, district and provincial play down games. Rates in various associations for house-league games may vary. Division Plate Umpire Base Umpire Cost per game Mosquito (U11) $30.00 $25.00 $55.00 Peewee(U13) $35.00 $30.00 $65.00 Bantam(U!5) $45.00 $40.00 $85.00 Midget(U18) $55.00 $45.00 $100.00 Junior $60.00 $50..00 $110.00 Intermediate $60.00 $50.00 $110.00 Nova Scotia Senior Leaque Plate: $80.00 Base: $60.00 $140.00 Travel $35.00 * Note - NSSBL rates are negotiated directly with the NSSBL. All games for NSSBL are 2-man crews, in addition, ravel and meal rates quoted below are for all levels except the NSSBL, which are negotiated separately. NOTES REGARDING RATE STRUCTURE (ALL LEAGUES EXCEPT NSSBL) 1. These rates apply to all BNS sanctioned games, including Atlantic Tournament games. 2. Regional and District Tournaments in the Mosquito and PeeWee Divisions will be assigned Level 2, or higher, umpires. 3. Regional and District Tournaments in the Bantam and higher divisions will be assigned Level 3, or higher, umpires. Experienced Level 2 umpires may be used based on their BNSUD evaluation and approval. 4. Level 3, or higher, umpires will be assigned to all Provincial, Atlantic and National play-downs when available. 5. If enough qualified umpires do not live in the area of the tournament, the Host Association will be responsible for the following expenses:A) If an umpire must travel more than 50 km, a rate of $0.31 km will be charged. BNSUD will strive to use the closest available qualified umpires and to travel in as few vehicles as practical. B). If an umpires one-way travel time exceeds one hour the host will provide reasonable double occupancy overnight hotel accommodations, as close to the tournament site as possible. C). The host will meal per Diem of $30.00/per day/per umpire  One umpires shows up for game: If only one umpire shows up and does the game by them self, the official policy on how much the one ump should get paid is.  As a minimum, the one ump received full pay for the plate and half for the base. One and a half minimal.
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