Awards 2016
Congratulations to  Chris Solarski BNSUD 2016 Senior umpire of year Congratulations to  Bryce Mason BNSUD Junior Umpire of Year 2016  Congratulations to Brian Lamb  2016 BNSUD Ken Evans award For performance at Baseball Canada National Tournament.
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Name District Years Registered Ryan Abraham Halifax 5 Dustin Baker    New Waterfield  5 Michael Beamish Shad Bay         5 John Caouette Halifax             5 Michael Cormier Weymouth 5 Michael Cotnam Halifax 5 Cameron Galllant Dartmouth            5 Patrick Gillis Bridgewater 5 Tristin Inglis Dartmouth 5 Brian Kelly Middle Sackville 5 Chris Laliberte Eastern Passsage 5 Earl Long Weymouth 5 Christian MacDonald Cole Harbour 5 Steve Miller Mt.Denison 5 Phil Moscovitch Glen Margarets 5 Thomas Mosher Upper Tantallon 5 Marcia Myers Debert 5 Aidan O’Brien Hebbville 5 Liam Orovec Lower Sackville 5 Justin Ritcey Halifax 5 Ben Rittenberg Halifax 5 Matthew Smith Dartmouth 5 Kevin Waters Hubbards 5 Matthew Waters Fox Point 5 Ryan Francis Dartmouth          10 Matthew Henneberry Dartmouth          10 Tom Jacklyn Shelburne          10 Kevin O’Hearon Dartmouth          10 Chris Solarski Lake Loon          10 Andrew Welsh Bedford          10 Pat Duddney Bridgewater 15 Kenneth Bradley Sydney Mines 15 Chris Hatchard Westville 15 Donnie Boudreau Yarmouth 20 Will Cox Kingston 20 Henry Higgins Halifax 20 Kevin Purchase Halifax 20 Dave Sinnis Hopewell 20 Clifford Young Dartmouth 20 Joseph Scott Lower Sackville 25        BNSUD 2016 Regional Awards Central Region Halifax Justin Ritcey Bedford/Sackville Maloney MacKenzie Dartmouth Joel King Hammonds Plains Ethan Teas Eastern Region Fundy Druhan Dunn Highland Edward Bungay Western Region Southshore Michael Ringer Southwest Brian Holland Valley Katheryn McNutt
Jody Frowley
Andrew Downs
Andrew Losier
                             Brian Lamb
Andrew Losier  5 year award
2016  BNSUD Service AWARD
Baseball Nova Scotia Umpires Division
Steve Stoddart
Brian Holland
Mike Beamish 5 years
Cliff Young 20 years
Joseph Scott 25 years