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Baseball Nova Scotia Umpire Division (BNSUD) is responsible for the training,development and administration of Baseball umpiring in Nova Scotia.
PRO IMAGE Official supplier of  BNSUD Baseball Nova Scotia. Contact Mike through the Pro Image link http://www.pro- image.ca   to place your orders. Home phone 506 854-9640. Cell 506 866-6436Email address for Mike: mike15@nb.sympatico.ca 
Daily game report BNSUD Daily game report form. any incident that doesn’t require a ejection but you felt should be reported.
Coaches Report Form This questionnaire is for BNS coaches to help BNSUD have a look at our umpires from the coaches who have the most contact with them. It is not designed to criticize the umpire but help BNSUD strengthen our training program.
Ejection report form Baseball Nova Scotia umpire ejection report form. All game ejections must be reported after the game. 
Baseball Nova Scotia Umpires Division
Would you like to have a discussion about rules with fellow umpires?Join in the BNSUD umpires discussion forum group .
Baseball Nova Scotia Umpire Division
BNSUD is pleased to sponsor an annual $500 scholarship to assist with post-secondary education. 
BNSUD President  Joel Rodgers
Andrew Downs Senior
Kevin Purchase 21U
Alex Lawrie Canada Cup
Steve Clark 18U
Justin Ritcey 15U
Jeremy Stevens 13U National
Bryce Mason 13U Atlantic
Matt  Henneberry 13U Atlantic
Congratulations  to all the BNSUD umpires that attended  National Tournments  for 2018
P               BNSUD 2018        Junior Umpire of Year             Alex Marriott P            BNSUD 2018        Ken Evans National          Program Award              Alex Lawrie P                             BNSUD  2018 Senior Umpire of the year              Steve Clark
2019 Super Clinic May 3rd till 5th William King Elementary School 91 St. Paul Ave. Halifax.