Baseball Nova Scotia Umpire Division (BNSUD) is responsible for the training,development and administration of Baseball umpiring in Nova Scotia.
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Daily game report BNSUD Daily game report form. any incident that doesn’t require a ejection but you felt should be reported.
Coaches Report Form This questionnaire is for BNS coaches to help BNSUD have a look at our umpires from the coaches who have the most contact with them. It is not designed to criticize the umpire but help BNSUD strengthen our training program.
Ejection report form Baseball Nova Scotia umpire ejection report form. All game ejections must be reported after the game. 
BNSUD 2016 Senior Umpire of the year Chris Solarski ,Dartmouth
BNSUD 2016  Ken Evans  National Program Award Winner  Brian Lamb, Valley BNSUD 2016  Junior Umpire of Year
   Bryce Mason.
Baseball Nova Scotia Umpires Division
Umpires Ada Tuttle and Kenzie Whitford shrug off historic moment for LWF Minor Baseball. The first ever game that featured….
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                   Brian Holland
                     Steve Stoddart
Ethan Carter is 13 years old, he loves playing baseball competitively for the Hammond Plains A's. He loves umpiring, playing hockey, swimming, playing with friends and his two brothers. He actively helps out with his brother's sports teams and any way he can with his community. Ethan is in his first year as an umpire in NS. primarily umpiring for the Hammonds Plains Association. Ethan has been umpiring rookie and 11u games  this season and was selected as the guest crew chief and first base umpire for the 2016 Baseball  Canada 21U Women Invitational game between Newfoundland and Labrador and Gyuana.
Baseball Canada Umpire of the week Aug 8th
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BNSUD is pleased to sponsor an annual $500 scholarship to assist with post-secondary education.